Monday, 11 June 2012

Foraging Walks - Ballinspittle/Garretstown Beach/Kinsale

we have recently started up new foraging walks in the local area. these walks are led by kevin o'connel owner of Forage & Find, longtime chef and experienced forager.
the last walk he led last sunday was at garretstown beach, focusing on seaweeds and shore plants. after great response he has decided to continue with more foraging walks.

there are 3 walks scheduled for the next month, 2 are from ballinspittle village focusing on hedge row plants. these walks also have the option of a beach/seaweed excursion in garretstown afterwards! ( the dates are june 17th and july 7th) these walks are €20  each which includes a 2 hour walk and cooking demo with foraged produce, if you choose to go on the beach walk afterwards its an additional 10 euro for the hour. if you'd like to book a spot for these walks send an email to

Forage and Find is also hosting a foraging walk with the kinsale arts festival! this walk will start in kinsale in front of super value and continue on, to the woods by scilly. this event is booking fast so if you're interested click here to book!

stay tuned for more foraging walk info and dates!

Friday, 6 January 2012

'Tis the season to be.....

sugar kelp

.....foraging by the sea! over the next few weeks we will be posting information on the types of sea vegtables that are perfect for harvesting in winter. some sea veg benefit from a good frost to help sweeten their flavour in cooking.

Forage & Find have loads of information and ideas to share as well as foraging workshops for 2012!
we look forward to a boutiful new year and a beautiful spring and summer for foraging wild delicacies.